Euro 2012 Final Match: Spain Vs Italy Live Stream Online TV Free

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Spain and Italy will clash at the 2012 Euro final match. The following interesting facts from both teams before the final match. European Cup match top of the party this time bringing two strong teams of Europe, namely Italy and Spain. Later would be the ultimate party rolling Olymipic Stadium, Kiev.

Spain Vs Italy Live Stream Online TV Free

Party's final will be to repeat the opening match of Group C Euro 2012. At that time, Italy and Spain share the numbers 1-1. Goal scored by Cesc Fabregas Spain. Meanwhile, Italian Antonio Di Natale scored.

Spain went into Euro 2012 quarter-finals with the title as champion of Group C by collecting seven points from three matches. In the quarterfinals, Iker Casillas et al successfully subvert France with two goals without reply. Meanwhile, Portugal defeated 'La Furia Roja' 4-2 in the last semi-final penalty shoot-out at the party.

Italy advanced to the quarterfinals as Group C runners-up Championship with five points from three matches. In the quarterfinal, 'Gli Azzurri' beat England 4-2 on penalties. Meanwhile, two goals from Mario Balotelli against Germany brought Italy to win 2-1 and advance to the final round.

Total, Italy is only two times through the European Cup final and won once. While Spain three times in the ultimate party and twice took home the championship trophy. Until the party's top 2012 European Cup, two teams have met three times during the European Cup title. In the 1980 edition, Spain and Italy played to a goalless draw in the group phase. Eight years later in the same phase, Italy beat Spain 1-0 success. Last title in 2008, Spain achieved by eliminating Italy in the quarterfinals on penalties, which ended 4-2.

Facts History of Spain and Italy in the European Cup

A. Spain won the European Cup for the first time in 1964 when he became host rumah.Spanyol managed to beat the defending champion Soviet Union's 1960 European Cup (European Cup 1964 is the debut of Spain in the European Cup).

2. In the 1968 European Cup in the title in Italy, Spain failed to defend their title after the kandaskan England in the quarterfinals with a 3-1 aggregate. Spain followed Italy who won the European Cup when they hosted.

3. European Cup 1972, Spain failed to qualify from group stage after losing to compete with the Soviet Union (the European Cup 1972 juaragrup only eligible to qualify for next round). While the Italian managed to escape to the quarter-finals. Italy steps halted olehtuan house Belgium. Germany (West Germany at that time still) be a champion in the final after defeating the Soviet Union.

4. 1976 European Championship held in Spain Yugloslavia eve party had strolled up to the final stage while Italy failed lolosdari group.Langkah Spain in the quarterfinals of stopped by defending champions Germany 3-1 to score a landslide victory.

Germany managed to menginjakpartai final for the second year in a row, but unfortunately, 'Die Mannschaft' failed to retain the title after the top of the party of Czechoslovakia defeated on penalties.

5. In the event a sixth European Cup (1980) in Italy, the system used is the two groups, which are entitled melajuke champion and runner up in the final to compete for a place to three.

Spain and Italy entered in Group B, along with Belgium and the UK. Italy failed to penetrate the final as only a runner up in this group. Tragic fate of the Spanish, became caretaker as only capable of playing the series against Italy and the rest is lost by the UK and Belgium. Germany also managed to foil the king of Europe with Belgium.

6. European Cup titles in 1984, in France, Italy failed to break through the qualification phase, while Spain breezed into the finals with a label group winners. Step 'La Furia Roja' with no terkalahan unstoppable until the top party. But Spain must admit that the French forces were strengthened by the European pemainterbaik Michel Platini. Platini scored the most goals pencetal record of all time for these competencies with a score of nine goals.

7. Italy and Spain in the same group met again at the 1988 European Cup in the title in Germany. 'Azzurri' successfully rolled thin Spain by a score of 1-0.Italia won runner up group while Spain had to settle for third place and failed to advance to the next phase. Italy steps must be stopped in the semi-finals after failing to stem the powerful Soviet Union team at the 1988 European Cup this.

8. European Cup 1992 in Sweden to be a nightmare for Italy and Spain, where the two countries failed to penetrate the final rounds. Spain failed to compete with France and Czechoslovakia, while Italy footsteps stopped by the Sovie Union and Norway.

9. England 1996 to be a nightmare for the Italian who failed to qualify from group stage after failing to compete with Czechoslovakia and Germany. Spain slightly ahead of Italy, was runner-up through to the quarter-finals groupdan. Unfortunately, in the quarter-finals, Spain should recognize the benefits of hosting the UK is strengthened by their all-time best striker Alan Shearer.

10. Euro 2000 is the first European Cup title in which the two countries. Belgium and the Netherlands was asked as co-host Euro 2000. Italy was impressive to successfully penetrate the final while Spain is only able to penetrate the quarterfinals. Italy and Spain are both defeat of France, who then go on to win golden goal by David Trezeguet.

11. Euro 2004 Portugal, Italy and Spain are both failed to break through the group phase. Spain failed to compete with Portugal and Greece, while Italy failed to pass through Sweden and Denmark. Greece, which had not favored, came out as champion.

12. 2008 European Cup back in the title in the two countries, Austria and Switzerland. Spain and Italy meet in the quarterfinals. Spain made it through to the semifinals after winning the penalty shoot-out. Spain steps up to the final unstoppable winning team beat Germany. Spain managed to lift the European Cup trophy for the second time.

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Euro 2012 Final Match: Spain Vs Italy Live Stream Online TV Free
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